With over 100 years of combined experience, we know how to build software the right way.

For over a decade, Dozen Software’s team of experienced software engineers has designed, developed, and deployed world-class software for a wide variety of clients and industries. Dozen is built around the mission of providing professional-grade software and services that are tailored to fit each project’s needs. We strive to be more than just hired help, but rather partners who collaborate with our clients to realize their vision through technology.

We are strong generalists who are comfortable jumping into, and quickly becoming productive on, existing projects with far flung technologies. We’ve also honed a core competency around Amazon Web Services. We are AWS experts, with production experience utilizing Amazon’s tried and true products, like Lambda, EC2, and Aurora, and we’re also well versed with the latest and greatest products supporting generative AI, such as Bedrock.


  • Consulting Services
  • AWS Infrastructure
  • React and React Native
  • Design and Prototyping
  • Generative AI Products
  • .Net & more
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Our team of engineers and creatives design, deliver, and maintain technology solutions for clients every day.

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We’re your one-stop shop for all of your development needs—bringing ideas from design to deployment, and seamlessly integrating with teams who need extra horsepower to finish a project. Our work spans nearly every tech stack imaginable, and we have experience helping clients of all walks and sizes realize their wildest tech dreams. Whether you’re looking to bring a new idea to life or revive an aging product, we want to help transform your aspirations into reality.